Scissor lifts

Electrohydraulic scissor lifts are some of the most powerful, heavy duty material handling tools used by major factories, power plants, government facilities, and service centers. These products are needed for loads that weigh anywhere from 15,000 LB up to 120,000 LB. Like all scissor lifts, electric hydraulic units are built to keep heavy materials at a stable, consistent elevation for safe access and efficient operations to be performed. They are routinely employed by telephone companies, lumber companies, and air craft engine companies to elevate materials for manipulation, moving, or service work.

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Sometimes electric hydraulic scissor lifts will be buried in the ground in order to secure and stabilize tractor trailers during loading and unloading procedures. Two hydraulic scissor lifts will be buried apart from each other at the exact same distance as the front and rear wheels of a truck. The lift will be flush to the ground when it is the elevated position. When the truck needs to be loaded or unloaded, it will be "parked" with both sets of wheels centered on either electrohydraulic lift. The lift tables will then be lowered, locking the truck in place and making the trailer bed flush to the ground.

This allows work crews to drive forklifts directly into the trailer at ground level, and it prevents the truck from wobbling from side to side. It also allows workers to move barrels and containers filled with sensitive materials and flammable liquids safely into the trailer with minimal risk of spillage or injury. Nuclear power plants often use electro-hydraulic scissor lifts to secure trucks that are used to transport containers of nuclear waste.

Of course, heavy duty electric scissor lifts are not always buried like this. In many cases, they are used to elevate heavy engines in tractor companies to work platforms where technicians and welders can work from a standing position rather than having to work from a ladder, or actually climb on top of the engine and risk a fall. The larger the lift; the more weight it will safely elevate, and the higher it can be raised.

Because these machines are engineered for maximum heavy duty performance and reliable strength and stability, they have a design safety factor of 3 to 1. Each electrohydraulic lift is operated by an externally powered motor ranging from 5 to 15 hp, depending on the lift model and size. Motors are controlled from an up/down push button control on the end of a 20 ft cord. Every motor includes an adjustable upper travel limit switch that automatically shuts off the motor and pump at the desired pre-set height. Two secondary, mechanical upper travel back-up stops provide an additional safeguard against over extension.

When necessary, workers can also stand on hydraulic scissor lifts safety. The platforms are supported by rectangular structural tube scissor legs and torque tubes that stabilize horizontal and longitudinal centers of gravity and minimize deflection when the unit is supporting huge loads and workers are moving around on the platform. Toe guards along the edges of the platform add a standard, yet very important, safety buffer against accidental slips and falls.

Heavy duty scissor lifts are made with a number of additional safety and mechanical features that are intended to ensure stability, safe operation, and durability under extreme stress for long periods of time, and reliable performance of all unit components for the duration of the unit's lifespan. Talk to a material handling specialist such as Aerial and Handling Services Ltd for more details.

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