Forklift Platform

A forklift platform attaches to a fork truck and elevates personnel and materials. There are many occasions that require workers to be elevated in this manner, and forklift platforms provide a safe, compact, and economical alternative to larger equipment such as man lifts and freight elevators. Forklift work platforms are used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of tasks, many of which can only be accessed with a smaller platform designed to fit into hard-to-reach places. Companies routinely employ them for inventory management, any number of equipment repair operations, lighting and electrical maintenance, and building repair.

Regardless of the type of forklift platform you use for your application, there are certain essential attributes you should look in any potential purchase. Your platform should be strong enough to support workers and equipment without buckling or bowing in the middle. It must also provide one or more means of enclosure to prevent workers who may inadvertently trip from falling off the platform. Forklift platforms designed with skid-proof decks and toe guards provide additional protective measures.

Maintenance of Forklift Trucks

If you own or are responsible for the running of forklift trucks or any aerial work platforms contact Aerial and Handling Services Ltd for all your aerial platform needs.

Contact Aerial and Handling Services Ltd for all your aerial platform needs.

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